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We are The Thelynath

"Mae govannen, thelynath," the Elven Lord greeted. "You have fought bravely in our battle together!" Pausing to study us further, he continued, "Yes, you are a dauntless group of heroes, indeed!"

That's when we decided to take the Sindarin description, thelynath (dauntless group of heroes), as our kindred's name. We are Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits and Men. We are nobles and commoners, warriors and wizards. We come from all walks of life...all across Middle Earth.

We are Heroes. We are...The Thelynath.

Though our backgrounds may be diverse, our purpose is singular - to take up bow, sword, and spell against the growing Darkness that creeps over all our lands. We will fight side by side against the hordes of The Enemy and answer the summons of other like-minded kins should they call out for assistance.


If you wish to join our ranks, apologies...we are not an active kin. The couple of us that still play are currently on Arkenstone...should you care to say hello.


Week of 2/16/18 - 2/23/18

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   Yule Festival Encore
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  Snowriell: Black Steel Key FREE this week from the store...code is OPENBOX
  Snowriell: Calendar of Events for 2018 has been updated...see latest post...1/25/2018.
  Snowriell: Mara Sandydowns has a new quest, A Fortune of Festive Spirit, for Yule Festival.
  Snowriell: Update 21 Patch 2 Release Notes listed in our forums (with link to lotro forums)...update will be in added to game in tomorrow's (October 10th) downtime (between 8 AM and 1 PM Eastern).
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  Snowriell: Lotro Community Rules update...posted in forums...see LATEST POSTS BLOCK to the right of the SHOUTBOX
  Snowriell: oops, i was mistaken...the festival goes on through the
  Myrdun: Ohh sounds good
  Snowriell: 2017 Summer Festival Rewards <<click to see new rewards. There are other rewards (older ones), too.
  Snowriell: you might be interested in this...Summer Festival Encore 8/10/17@10am 8/21/17@3am
  Myrdun: I replied Snow. Thanks for the reminder on the Key!
  Snowriell: Get your free key from the store! Now through August 3.
  Snowriell: note for you ingame, myrdun
  Myrdun: Ayyy :D
  Snowriell: Myrdun is First Officer. =)
  Snowriell: I've added the Lotro Events for the rest of the year into our calendar
  Snowriell: *snickers*
  Myrdun: Excellent, I'll be sure to send a tell as soon as I remember how to do so ;p
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