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We are The Thelynath

"Mae govannen, thelynath," the Elven Lord greeted. "You have fought bravely in our battle together!" Pausing to study us further, he continued, "Yes, you are a dauntless group of heroes, indeed!"

That's when we decided to take the Sindarin description, thelynath (dauntless group of heroes), as our kindred's name. We are Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits and Men. We are nobles and commoners, warriors and wizards. We come from all walks of life...all across Middle Earth.

We are Heroes. We are The Thelynath.

Though our backgrounds may be diverse, our purpose is singular - to take up shield, sword, dagger, and spell against the growing Darkness that creeps over all our lands. We will fight side by side against the growing hordes of The Enemy and answer the summons of other like-minded kins should they call out for assistance.

So, come Free People of Middle-Earth! Join us in our cause. We seek those who wish to stand up and answer the challenge of The Enemy. Though his forces are vast and mighty, if we come together, we will have no other choice but to prevail. Help us return Middle Earth to it's peaceful glory!

If you wish to join our ranks, seek out LAZYBOY while adventuring in Middle Earth.

May your swords be ever sharp, and your spells strike ever true,

The Kin leader,


Week of 6/20/14 - 6/26/14

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If you are a new member to the Thelynath, please click on the application button on the top left of this page. We will accept you to the site and you'll be able to read and post in our forums and shoutbox.

  Myrdun: Anyone still out there? :D
  Snowriell: ;)
  berenthalion: lol snow chillax! downtime us always twice as long...
  Snowriell: The maintenance downtime has been extended until 2:00 PM Eastern. pffffft! (Did you REALLY think this would be back up at the time they said originally??) *rolls my eyes*
  Snowriell: So...I wonder if we will be able to get a cave claw pet from the treasure hunt? That would be cool!
  Snowriell: Woohooooo! Treasure hunt -- June 21 and 22
  Snowriell: 25% Mark Acquisition Boost Weekend! June 13th – 15th
  Snowriell: You know...I've gone out to the Hobnanigan's fields...and at most...there are only 2 or 3 people. That's not enough to play. They should make a two player game...or four player...=/
  Snowriell: I'd love to do the treasure hunt now instead of Hobnanigans...=/
  Snowriell: Hobnanigans is Back! June 6th - 8th.The fields are open! Come one, come all and compete in Hobnanigans! Apparently, this is supposed to be in operation at least once a month!
  Snowriell: The Spring Festival has been extended through Thursday June 5th!
  Snowriell: Congratulations to Eldar server! After 30 rounds, you hold the fastest time and can claim bragging rights! 46m 06s for taking the hobbit to Isengard
  Snowriell: Sooo...lotro went off at 6am eastern...and was supposed to be back up at 1pm eastern. It is now 4pm eastern and they have no idea when they'll have it back up. *sighs*
  Snowriell: X-men movie was FANTASTIC! You get to see the setup for the next movie at the end...after the wait until the credits finish before you leave the theater.
  Snowriell: yippeeee spring festival!
  berenthalion: they making up for last time when they were early!
  Snowriell: Pfffttt! Maintenance was due to be over by 10am USA Eastern. That's been extended by FOUR more hours...*rolls my eyes* Booooo! 8 hours to do 4 hours of maintenance.
  Snowriell: ...the day before, yes. They were both working on Sunday.
  berenthalion: I didnt realise it was different how wierd! She was busy on our weekend so we met up & had lunch the week after. did you get spoiled?
  Snowriell: hehe...this past Sunday...the the US
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