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(Mar 25, 2014) Nice! This is one of my faves: Congratulations for completing another trip around the sun! *snickers*
(Mar 25, 2014)
Hau'oli La Hanau Jack! ps. hope thats a good translation lol
(Mar 19, 2014)
Oops...WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SOMETHING?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!!! Sorry I missed it last week. Hope you had a good one...many happy returns!
(Mar 04, 2014)
So, I tried Elder Scrolls Online Beta this past weekend. I was not impressed with the game, it seems to have a lot of potential but it is not ready for release next month.
(Mar 03, 2014)
(Mar 03, 2014)
That did help, thanks. Got it done. :)
(Mar 02, 2014)
LOREMASTER PET GUIDE <<this might help
(Mar 02, 2014)
Well I have given up on the non combat pet quest, seems it is not gonna happen...
(Mar 02, 2014)
Daylight Saving Time (United States) 2014 begins at 2:00 AM on Sunday, March 9.
(Feb 27, 2014)
(Feb 26, 2014)
Have not finished the quest, just figured out where and how to get
(Feb 24, 2014)
=) Do you like any of the non-combat pets? Congrats, btw ;)
(Feb 24, 2014)
Got my lore master to 51 this weekend, like him almost as much as the warden
(Feb 14, 2014)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day. =)
(Feb 14, 2014)
Snow...lots of snow. Was crazy here on Thursday and no one was out yesterday. Got home ok...but was SUPER slow going. Someone built snowmen up and down the side of my
(Feb 08, 2014)
*laughs at how slow the dl is for elder scrolls* =/
(Feb 05, 2014)
Yea for me too...
(Feb 05, 2014)
Boo...login issues for players. =/
(Feb 02, 2014)
(Feb 01, 2014)
Made level 94, and started on my resume. I have a friend that works in HR and will help me fine tune it. :)