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(May 26, 2014)
X-men movie was FANTASTIC! You get to see the setup for the next movie at the end...after the wait until the credits finish before you leave the theater.
(May 20, 2014)
yippeeee spring festival!
(May 19, 2014)
they making up for last time when they were early!
(May 19, 2014)
Pfffttt! Maintenance was due to be over by 10am USA Eastern. That's been extended by FOUR more hours...*rolls my eyes* Booooo! 8 hours to do 4 hours of maintenance.
(May 14, 2014)
...the day before, yes. They were both working on Sunday.
(May 13, 2014)
I didnt realise it was different how wierd! She was busy on our weekend so we met up & had lunch the week after. did you get spoiled?
(May 13, 2014)
hehe...this past Sunday...the the US
(May 13, 2014)
was it mothers day recently in the US? it was before eadter over here x
(May 11, 2014)
Did you do something nice for your Mom?
(May 09, 2014)
ive added you on the Old friends list creepside so ill keep an eye out :)
(May 09, 2014)
=) yea! it won't take you too long. Went over to find you last night...and looked around grams, but then you left before i could find you. =(
(May 09, 2014)
got the skill boost, hopefully grind out some virtues this weekend, earn tp for creep skills :)
(May 08, 2014)
spring festival is slated for the end of may, according to lotro twitter
(May 08, 2014)
Go play Hobnanigans...out by the Bree-land festival area. It's live now from May 9th thru 11th.
(May 06, 2014)
soooooo glad to see you, my friend! =)
(May 05, 2014)
(May 01, 2014)
Don't forget your free SKILL AND SLAYER DEED BOOST from the store this week!
(Apr 29, 2014)
The last day of the festival...if you want a nice outfit for your warhorse, check near the Bree boar fountain-->see the biggest tent. You still have time to get it...and can get it, even if you don't have a warsteed yet...only 10 anniversary tokens.
(Apr 19, 2014)
Cool...will try to get on this weekend
(Apr 18, 2014)
Lootbox Weekend - Increased drop rates on lootboxes, throughout Middle-earth from April 15th to 20th!