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(Feb 01, 2014)
You wanna move...make it happen...look for a new job there!
(Jan 30, 2014)
I need a new job....more pay and less hours, anyone got one for me?
(Jan 23, 2014)
I also just got Skyrim and it's a blast.
(Jan 20, 2014)
Yeah...I love Skyrim...and you can play it through four time for each faction. ;)
(Jan 20, 2014)
I Skyrim on Friday and am having too much fun with it.
(Jan 17, 2014)
In addition to "Hobbit to Isengard" tonight (our server), Winterstock also begins today (Landroval server). =)
(Jan 15, 2014)
Please note the "Take the Hobbits to Isengard" run info in the forums if you'd like to participate. Jan. 17th, 6:30pm EST, USA.
(Jan 15, 2014)
(Jan 13, 2014)
I've been running the chicken quests! =P Today, I ran from Sandson's, in the Shire, all the way to visit Radagast at Ost Guruth!
(Jan 09, 2014)
*hugs* no worries
(Jan 09, 2014)
Sorry I haven't been on much, work is wearing me out. Hope it will be better next week...
(Jan 08, 2014)
i guess that would be...a duct tape ambush?
(Jan 08, 2014)
(Jan 08, 2014)
Shush...u will wake the dwarf...I am getting the duct tape ready...
(Jan 07, 2014)
Ya'll are just TOO it naptime?
(Dec 31, 2013)
happy new year!
(Dec 31, 2013)
Happy New Years!! Drinking lots or delicious elixirs tonight so I'll everyone tomorrow haha
(Dec 29, 2013)
lewis;) something in the mail for you;)
(Dec 25, 2013)
Merry Christmas!
(Dec 24, 2013)
Merry Christmas everyone!