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(Jan 13, 2014)
I've been running the chicken quests! =P Today, I ran from Sandson's, in the Shire, all the way to visit Radagast at Ost Guruth!
(Jan 09, 2014)
*hugs* no worries
(Jan 09, 2014)
Sorry I haven't been on much, work is wearing me out. Hope it will be better next week...
(Jan 08, 2014)
i guess that would be...a duct tape ambush?
(Jan 08, 2014)
(Jan 08, 2014)
Shush...u will wake the dwarf...I am getting the duct tape ready...
(Jan 07, 2014)
Ya'll are just TOO it naptime?
(Dec 31, 2013)
happy new year!
(Dec 31, 2013)
Happy New Years!! Drinking lots or delicious elixirs tonight so I'll everyone tomorrow haha
(Dec 29, 2013)
lewis;) something in the mail for you;)
(Dec 25, 2013)
Merry Christmas!
(Dec 24, 2013)
Merry Christmas everyone!
(Dec 23, 2013)
Be safe, Myrdun...*hugs*
(Dec 22, 2013)
Pretty serious freezing rain storm.. Had to chip my SUV out of the ice.. Many without power.. Hopefully will get to play tonight :(
(Dec 21, 2013)
(Dec 21, 2013)
Congrats to everyone who participated in the lottery! TY Rain and Jodi for the donations! :)
(Dec 20, 2013)
(Dec 18, 2013)
=) Glad to have you!
(Dec 18, 2013)
Hello to you too Snowriell, Its a pleasure to have joined this Kin
(Dec 18, 2013)
All you new people please post in the Christmas Lottery forum so you can be entered into the drawing to be held on the 20th. Thanks!