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"A skilled tailor can make simple clothing from common cloth, but with time and practice they can learn to create garments of great beauty that provide significant protection to their wearer. The Tailor can also work with tanned hides to produce leather armor – light, tough and suitable for travel."

Tailored armour is an essential alternative for those classes that cannot wear heavy armour; for instance, a Burglar whose stealth depends on not clunking around like a tin can, or a Minstrel who needs the freedom of movement to perform motivational flourishes on a delicate instrument. A Tailor produces pieces of light and medium armour that protect the wearer and can provide other bonuses. These pieces range from common rough cloth to the finest Elven silk, depending on the skill of the tailor.

For crafting clothing and armour, a Tailor uses boiled leathers, which are created by a Forester. An Explorer Tailor is also a Forester and will be able to gather and boil animal hides into usable leather on his own. Armourer and Yeoman Tailors will not have this ability, and need to find a Forester who will convert their hides to leather.
Hides are pieces of animal hide that drop as loot from beasts. Any player can harvest a hide after defeating a beast, but only Foresters have the ability to turn hides into leather by boiling them, for use in Tailor crafting recipes.


Component.............Tier.............Location/obtained from
Common Flax Fibre...Apprentice....lvl 1 -12 humanoid creatures, T1 branches
Bree Flax Fibre........Journeyman...lvl 13-23 humanoid creatures, T2 branches
Pale Flax Fibre.........Expert..........lvl 24-34 humanoid creatures, T3 branches
Yellow Flax Fibre......Artisan.........lvl 35-43 humanoid creatures, T4 branches
Golden Flax Fibre.....Master..........lvl 44-50 humanoid creatures, T5 branches
Fairy Flax Fibre.......Supreme........lvl 51-60 humanoid creatures, T6 branches
Drop of Birch-tar.....Westfold.......T7 branches
Piece of Oak Bark....Eastemnet....T8 branches
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I found a more specific list of areas that drop the best hides.

Light Hide - Wolves den Chetwood (If you're level 75 and they are not respawning fast enough, there is a bears den just to the west. Alternate back and forth between the two.)

Medium Hide - Bears den Brandy Hills/Bree

Sturdy Hide - Hoar Mantle SE of Esteldin near the campsite they drop 3 at a time.

Pristine Hides - Bears den east of Ost Forod in Evendim. Ost Forod is easier to get to with the swift travel. There is also a wolves den in Trollshaws but everyone knows about it and it is over camped normally by one or two 75's there. There is also a place in the Misty Mountains in Eastern Bruinen Source that has Snow Mantle that drop 3 hides at a time. The Mantle share a spawn point with wargs and it takes longer to get to. However if you need Mathom rep and Rivendell, the Misty Mountains might be a good place to get hide because there are humanoids near the Mantle that drop rep items.

Exceptional Hides - Southern Forochel Snow Mantle. Go to Zigilgund and take the road SE. When the road starts to turn to the east, keep going straight and you'll run into a wall of cows that drop 3 hides at a time. Note: the humanoids there drop Forochel rep items and the cats around there drop a really nice taxidermy item for a housing item.

Magnificent Hides - Moria NE Great Delving Katub-zahar cave claws Note: there is a slayer deed for the cave claws (easy tp).

Exceptional/Magnificent with a 50/50 split can be gathered at the warg hill on the north side of the east-west road in Eregion. The spacing and respawn are excellent and also satisfies a deed. However the wargs are evenly divided between level 50 and 51, so this is not as useful unless you are collecting both.

Extraordinary Hides - Animals in Eastern Lothlorien. They're spread out too much and it takes a while to get a stack. Cows in Enedwaith drop 3 hides at a time, but there are not enough there in concentration to use it as a farming spot.

If you have Mirkwood, after the instance at the beginning, near the Mirk-eves. Fallug has a lot of level 61 boars. And Second Hall in Moria in Nud-Melek has 57-58 cave claws and dragonets.

Large Hide - Cows in Dunland. If you are level 75ish, goats in the Great River just NW of Stangard is a great farm site. Lots of goats are there and they have less morale than cows in Dunland. Also, they are level 75 so you have a chance at a lootbox droping for you while you farm.
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