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Guide: Inn League delivery quests w/o a hunter, in less than an hour.
by: Arnhelm_of_Rohan, posted in the lotro forums

First off, you'll want to get the drinks you need for delivery before you start. I suggest getting a stack of each so you only have to do this step once per festival. The drinks to get, and where to get them are as follows:

•Stars of Old Cider - Prancing Pony
•Moor-Boar Beer - Prancing Pony, Bree
•Forsaken Ale - Forsaken Inn
•Swill - Forsaken Inn
•Limael's Vintage - Celondim
•Thistlebelly Brew - Ivy Bush, Hobbitton¨
•Blackgrove's Brown - Bird & Baby, Michel Delving
•Dorwinion White - Rivendell, Hall of Fire
•Bombur's Lager - Thorin's Hall
•Brandy Wine - Golden Perch, Stock
•Beakbreaker Ale - Combe

Second, I advise going through the route at least once, as some of the travel options require rep to unlock. The only reputation I had to work on for this was Lossoth rep (to Acquaintance status), but depending on where you've levelled, you might need to get others as well.

Third, set your map to South Bree (the milestone just outside the gate. I designed this route to make use of one 'map home'. You might be able to take shortcuts if you have other map functions available to you (like racial ports and such).

Should you take longer than the allotted time to finish, don't worry. The NPC's that you deliver to will also give you the actual delivery quest. If you already have the needed drink in your bags (you should), then it's just a matter of picking up the quest again and turning it in right away.

For swift travel, I've allotted 1 minute of travel time. Depending on your computer hardware you may load faster or slower. From my initial test run though, it seems to be a pretty good average.

Each round trip of the delivery route will cost around 200 silver in travel fees.

Locations written in caps below are where you need to do your deliveries.

The travel route below assumes you start at the Party Tree in The Shire.

Swift Travel is pretty self-explanatory. Horse Travel means using the horse routes available at stable masters. Travel means getting on your own horse and travelling there yourself.

The Route:
1.Pick up quests at FESTIVAL GROUNDS (optional, see above)
2.Horse travel from Hobbiton to BROCKENBORINGS (beside stablemaster)(2:00 min)
3.Horse travel from Brockenborings to OATBARTON (run over into town, he's near one of the houses)(1:00 min)
4.Horse travel from Oatbarton to Ost Forod (6:10 min)
5.Swift travel from Ost Forod to Syri-Kyla (1:00 min)
6.Swift travel from Syri-Kyla to ZIGILUND (beside stablemaster)(1:00 min)
7.Swift travel from Zigilund to Syri-Kyla (1:00 min)
8.Swift travel from Syri-Kyla to Garth Forthnir (1:00 min)
9.Swift travel from Garth Forthnir to AUGHAIRE (over to the left of the king, other side of the fence)(1:00 min)
10.Swift travel from Aughaire to Garth Forthnir (1:00 min)
11.Swift travel from Garth Forthnir to Esteldin (1:00 min)
12.Horse travel from Esteldin to OTHRIKAR (up the path and around to the left, beside of statue)(1:39 min)
13.Horse travel from Othrikar to Esteldin (1:39 min)
14.Swift travel from Esteldin to Rivendell (1:00 min)
15.Swift travel from Rivendell to HRIMBARG (up the steps, then left up the next steps)(1:00 min)
16.Swift travel from Hrimbarg to Rivendell (1:00 min)
17.Horse travel from Rivendell to ECHAD CANDELLITH (up the steps to the second floor)(6:32 min)
18.Map to South Bree (1:00 min)
19.Swift travel from South Bree to Ost Guruth (1:00 min)
20.Travel from Ost Guruth to OST HAER (ride across the street, to the opposite side of harloeg bog...over by the campsite fire in the ruins)(2:10 min)
21.Travel from Ost Haer to Ost Guruth (2:10 min)
22.Swift travel from Ost Guruth to South Bree (1:00 min)
23.Swift travel from South Bree to Celondim (1:00 min)
24.Horse travel from Celondim to Duillond (1:18 min)
25.Horse travel from Duillond to THRASI'S LODGE (by stablemaster)(1:23 min)
26.Horse travel from Thrasi's Lodge to Duillond ( 1:23 min)
27.Horse travel from Duillond to Celondim (1:18 min)
28.Swift travel from Celondim to Thorin's Gate (1:00 min)
29.Travel from Thorin's Gate to EDHELION (14.1 S x 100.7 W, old elven city up the hill west of Thorin's Hall)(1:29 min)
30.Travel from Edhelion to Thorin's Gate (1:29 min)
31.Swift travel from Thorin's Gate to West Bree (1:00 min)
32.Horse travel from West Bree to Hengstacer Farm, jump off at THORNLEY'S WORK SITE (1:20 min)
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