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Festival Tokens

Festival Tokens are mainly acquired from fishing. However, you can also turn in your horse race token for 3 festival tokens.

Barterers for Festival Tokens are located at:
  • Thorin's Hall (by Hall of Merchants) - Lafi Fisherman [13.8S, 103.2W]
  • Celondim (by the docks) - Gaellien Fisherman [28.2S, 92.1W]
  • Bree-land (exit Bree south gate) - Will Hindmarsh Fisherman [33.0S, 50.0W]
  • Bywater (north, at stalls, by the pond) - Neddie Grub [31.2S, 70.0W]
  • Party Tree - Ernwyd Brandybuck [29.8S, 71.6W]

Fishing for Tokens

To get any of the "barter fish" you must first activate the quest, "Stocking the Pond" from Neddie Grub in Bywater.
The first quest will require you to fish for 3 different barter fish from Thorin's, Celondim, and Bree. Once finished you can turn in your quest to the hobbit in Bywater.

The next quest will allow you to fish for 20 minutes from the pond next to Neddie Grub. You can catch ANY of the regular barter fish (and the rare Shire fish) during those 20 minutes. You can also fish for 20 minutes in each of the other locations, though you will only catch fish from that region.

You have to go to Bywater and grab the initial quest, Stocking The Pond. After that you can fish at each location for the 3 types of fish that you turn in at Bywater. Once you've turned in the fish for Stocking The Pond, you can accept the quest at Bywater that lets you fish Mudbottom Lake (right next to the quest giver) for 20 minutes. Only once you've turned in your fish at that npc can you return to each of the three locations and accept the quests that let you fish there for 20 minutes each, catching more of the festival fish. Once you complete those quests you will only catch plain fish there until you go through the routine again.

Fishing skill isn't a factor with the festival fishing quest.

Trading in the Fish

Amberjack: 4 fish for 1 token.
Silver Haddock: 1 fish for 5 tokens

Lullim: 4 fish for 1 token
Celebhal: 1 fish for 5 tokens

Small Fish: ???
Starry Flounder: 1 fish for 5 tokens

Drum: 4 fish for 1 token
Golden Redfish: 1 fish for 5 tokens

Keg Racing

Where: Inside The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall, entered via a horse found next to the Stable-master at Thorin's Gate. [15.0S, 103.6W]

The dwarves of Thorin's Hall are having races amongst the doughtiest drinkers and runners of their folk. You can observe the races and venture a guess at who is the likeliest to win.

Contestants: Kolmar, Lar, Signar, and Ottó

Quest:Losing More Than a Wager - Skalli has done a bit too much wagering on the races and sadly has not had a great deal of luck. He's since lost more than his wagers, however; due to many tantrums, he has lost all of his belongings as well.

Find Skalli's shield
Find Skalli's spear
Find Skalli's mug
Find Skalli's mining pick
Find Skalli's lucky jewel

Skalli's items have been flung all over the race area. You should consult the note he gave you for hints as to where the missing belongings might be.

You should collect all of Skalli's missing items and return them to him.

The Taste of Hobbiton

Where: The Taste of Hobbiton invites hobbits with the most famous appetites to come and partake in a race to eat and run, and eat some more, as fast as the hungriest hobbit possibly can. This is accessible by Festival Horse to Taste of Hobbiton, standing near the Michel Delving Stable-master.

The race has four contestants. Choose one and place your bet with the Race-master, Bando Brandybuck. If your chosen contestant is first to the finish line, you win six Summer Festival Tokens which you claim from Dodder Twofoot, but if you lose you may collect one or two tokens from the Consolation Present standing nearby. He also barters tokens for many items related to the current summer festival. Caution: claim your prize quickly....if you delay and the contestants reappear for the next race, you forfeit any prize.

Contestants: Burdy Gamwich, Daffodilly Hayward, Gladdy Chubb-Baggins, and Mudric Rumble

Missing Things

Where: Thorin's Hall, Duillond, and The Party Tree

Many festival patrons of Middle-earth are a bit zealous in their appreciation, and may need help gathering their wits when all is done.

Quest:Forgotten Errands - Thorin's Hall

Here's the list of things I lost:
Ambi's Red Jar -- I think I may have been listening to someone hawking his wares.
Ambi's Green Jar -- The sound of coins is so sweet.
Ambi's Blue Bottle -- I listened to a wonderful performance recently.
Ambi's Note -- I was watching two dwarves mining coal.
Ambi's Pack -- Do you like fishing? I love it!

Find all items (0/5)

Ambi has given you a list of his missing items to remind you exactly what they are. Ambi can be found at the tavern in Thorin's Halls.

Ambi wants you to find his missing items for him.
Return the five items to Ambi

Quest:Missing Things - Duillond

Here's the list of things I seem to have misplaced:
Lalfor's Goblet -- The sweet smell of freshly-baked food does awaken one's senses like the petals of a flower.
Lalfor's Jewelry Box -- A box to hold the finest of crafted jewels for the most delicate Elf ever seen. Lalfor's Blue Book -- I remember listening to the soft sound of running water while sitting and writing of my love.
Lalfor's Brown Book -- Buds of a freshly-growing tree do inspire many words.
Lalfor's Bundle of Books -- Is there a better sound than the shouting of merchants or the hustle and bustle of a busy marketplace?

Find Lalfor's missing items (0/5)

Lalfor has given you a list of his missing things to remind you exactly what they are.

Lalfor would like you to find his missing things while he remains close to the Festival of Enedhin for...research purposes.

Return the five items to Lalfor

Quest:Going Hungry

Here's a list of the picnic goods I misplaced while visiting the Festival today.

Bread -- All I know is that I had loaves of bread when I left Hobbiton this morning, but by the time I got to the foot of the Hill they were gone!

Eggs -- I actually recall going into the Grange to rummage for my basket of bread. When I left, my eggs were gone as well!

Cheese -- I did finally make it to the Party Tree to see the festival, but it was the smell of apples that first caught my notice. The Appledores were so close I figured I would sneak over for an apple of two before starting any Festival games. Unfortunately, I was missing my basket of cheese when I left!

Porridge -- I was of course very hungry by mid-morning due to having lost most of my food. Opal Goodbody was kind enough to give me a bowl of porridge, but I didn't have a spoon! How can one eat porridge without a spoon? I heard that Lobelia made off with many beautiful spoons after the old Baggings went missing. She didn't give me one, and we had a bit of an argument. I don't remember seeing my poor porridge after that.

Mushrooms -- I wanted to clear my mind after my argument with Lobelia, so I wandered across the road north to find a nice picnic spot where I could eat my mushrooms in peace. There was a pretty little pond just off the road a little north of the party tree, and a willow for shade, and a rock where I could sit. But as I settled down, I realized the woods were wild! I thought I even saw a bear. I got out of there fast, but I must have left my mushrooms behind.

I'm very hungry. Please help me!

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