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This is a guide to completing all the Ale Association and Inn League drink
delivery quests at the same time. For non-hunters it takes about 45 min. If
you don't have all the needed ports and swift-travel routes it will take longer.

Complete initiation to Inn League and Ale Association

Get 2nd Milestone and Hurried Traveler skill from Lotro Store
Place milestone at Forsaken Inn
Place milestone at Echad Candelleth in Trollshaws

Buy stacks of the following Drinks:
Stars of Old Cider Prancing Pony: Bree
Moor-Boar Beer Prancing Pony: Bree
Forsaken Ale Forsaken Inn: Lone Lands
Swill Forsaken Inn: Lone Lands
Limael's Vintage Celondim: Ered Luin
Thistlebelly Brew Ivy Bush: Hobbiton
Blackgrove's Brown Bird & Baby: Michael Delving
Dorwinion White Rivendell, Hall of Fire
Bombur's Lager Thorin's Hall
Brandy Wine Golden Perch: Stock
Beakbreaker Ale Combe: Bree

The following route will take you around Eriador picking up the fake drinks for
the Ale Association quests and delivering them to the various NPCs. When it
says Ride that means ride your mount. PORT means use a Return-To
skill. Swift means use Swift-Travel route from stable master. Travel means
use normal stable route.

When delivering you need to talk to the NPC 3
times. The first time you will turn in the AA quest. Talk a second time to pick
up the IL quest and one last time to turn it in. (Both the IL and AA "delivery" repeatables can be picked up in a central location (any Festival location). However, you cannot have BOTH quests for a particular "target" NPC in your quest log at the same time. So how to do all 22 at once? The IL quests are available at the centralized location, BUT they are also available directly from the "target" NPC. So, you simply pick up ONLY the 11 AA quests from the Festival location (i.e. Party Tree in Hobbitton) at once before starting. Then, at each “target” NPC, you first complete the AA quest, than accept the IL quest and complete it right there.)

START at Party Tree north of Hobbiton
*Obtain all 11 AA quests ONLY

Ride to Hobbitton
*Get Drink at Inn Whitebranch
Ride to Bywater
*Get 2 Drinks at Inn Green Dragon's Breath Ale
1401 Vintage Reserve
Ride to Frogmorton
*Get Drink Toad's Tongue Ale
PORT to Forsaken Inn (using Bound Map at “Annunlos”)
*Get Drink Forsaken Cider
PORT to House, (if you live in the Shire)
Ride or Swift to Michel Delving
*Get Drink at Inn Old Winyards
Swift to Tinnudir
Swift to Oatbarton
*Deliver Whitebranch to Harigar Mudbottom
Blagrove's Brown to Harigar
Travel to Brockenborings – there are
2 NPCs to talk to in this town
*Get Drink Mead
*Deliver Forsaken Cider to Foxglove Grubb
Stars of Old Cider to Foxglove Grubb
PORT to Rivendell
*Get Drink in Homely House (left
door, first floor) Dorwinion Red
Swift to Hrimbarg in Misty Mountains
*Deliver 1401 Vintage Reserve to Oli
Beakbreaker Ale to Oli
PORT to Thorin's Hall
*Get Drink at Beer Hall in basement Small Beer
Ride to Refuge of Edhelion
*Deliver Dorwinion Red to Lendasil
Dorwinion White to Lendasil
PORT to Bree
*Get 2 Drinks at Prancing Pony Isenwine
Barliman's Best
*OPTIONAL: Do AA Challenge (“pub crawl”) in Bree
Ride to Thornley's Worksite
*Deliver Isenwine to Wesley Hopwood
Limael's Vintage to Wesley Hopwood
Ride to W. Bree
Swift to Suri-Kyla
Swift to Zigilgund
*Deliver Toad's Tongue Ale to Lofi
Moor-boar Beer to Lofi
Swift to Suri-Kyla
Swift to Gath Forthnir
Swift to Aughaire
*Deliver Mead to Nathalan
Swill to Nathalan
Swift to Gath Forthnir
Swift to Esteldin
Travel to Othrikar
*Deliver Dragon's Breath Ale to Muli
Bombur's Beard Lager to Muli
PORT to Michel Delving
Swift to Celondim
Travel to Duillond
Travel to Thrasi's Lodge
*Deliver Barliman's Best to Alrek
Forsaken Ale to Alrek
PORT to Ost Guruth (Lone Lands)
Ride to Ost Haer (straight south)
*Deliver Small Bear to Wald Mugwort
Thistlebellly Brew to Wald Mugwort
PORT to Echad Candelleth (using Bound Map at “Echad Candelleth”)
*Deliver Old Winyards to Saerthuithel
Brandywhine to Saerthuithel

In order to get Kindred with both the AA and IL factions simultaneously, simply stop the repeatables quests when you are Kindred with one faction and within 1,200 Rep of Kindred with the other. Then, simply complete the Challenge (“pub crawl”) for whichever faction is not Kindred.

This can be a very fast Rep grind! After you do the Initiation intro quest for both factions, you will need about 75,000 Rep to get Kindred status with either faction. If you want kindred with both, you can earn both in 12 days (11 if you "even" out the +Rep by doing only 4 of the 6 AA "other" dailies). If you only care about IL, it’s 6 days; and for only AA, it’s 5 days!!!!
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