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(Nov 19, 2018)
Want a key for your lootbox? You'll have to get it from the store now...none will fall when you quest.
(Jun 04, 2018)
*sighs* they changed things so the world clock doesn't work any more...shame on them!
(Mar 14, 2018)
They changed the address of their graphics...made my sig not
(Feb 09, 2018)
Black Steel Key FREE this week from the store...code is OPENBOX
(Jan 25, 2018)
Calendar of Events for 2018 has been updated...see latest post...1/25/2018.
(Dec 11, 2017)
Mara Sandydowns has a new quest, A Fortune of Festive Spirit, for Yule Festival.
(Oct 09, 2017)
Update 21 Patch 2 Release Notes listed in our forums (with link to lotro forums)...update will be in added to game in tomorrow's (October 10th) downtime (between 8 AM and 1 PM Eastern).
(Sep 09, 2017)
Free Slayer and Skill Deed Boost x1, now through September 14th, from the Lotro Store. Use Coupon Code: SLAYMORSLAY   
(Sep 06, 2017)
post on Irma...latest information about the hurricane...see LATEST POSTS --->
(Aug 31, 2017)
I adjusted a couple of things on the home page...I think it looks better. Yes? No?
(Aug 30, 2017)
Lotro Community Rules update...posted in forums...see LATEST POSTS BLOCK to the right of the SHOUTBOX
(Aug 19, 2017)
oops, i was mistaken...the festival goes on through the
(Aug 09, 2017)
Ohh sounds good
(Aug 08, 2017)
2017 Summer Festival Rewards <<click to see new rewards. There are other rewards (older ones), too.
(Aug 08, 2017)
you might be interested in this...Summer Festival Encore 8/10/17@10am 8/21/17@3am
(Jul 30, 2017)
I replied Snow. Thanks for the reminder on the Key!
(Jul 29, 2017)
Get your free key from the store! Now through August 3.
(Jul 28, 2017)
note for you ingame, myrdun
(Jul 27, 2017)
Ayyy :D
(Jul 23, 2017)
Myrdun is First Officer. =)